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Tips and Troubleshooting
  • Audio Issues

    • On a desktop computer there are often two places to turn up the volume - a dial on the speakers themselves, and a software volume control found in the lower right-hand corner of your desktop screen.  Be sure both are turned up and not muted.

    • On a desktop computer if the audio has a strong echo, it is possible you have two duplicate sessions open.  Close out of one of the windows.

  • Tablet/Phone Issues

    • If you recently downloaded the Adobe Connect App and it does not auto-open when clicking the link, shutting off and restarting the device will sometimes remedy this.  If not, manually opening the App and typing the web address of the Auction Meeting Room into the window will work.

  • Video Issues

    • Unfortunately most video issues are related to the user's connection speed - the software will downgrade the video quality if your connection is slow to be sure there isn't a significant delay.

    • For the best possible experience over your connection be certain that you are not concurrently downloading other large files such as Windows updates, iTunes music/movies, etc.